Horse Riding Disciplines One Should Know

western riding

Horseback riding is something that interests people of all ages. Even young kids these days are now
provided an opportunity to ride horses by visiting ranches, and certain places where horseback riding
lessons are being offered. Many individuals visit places where it offers them to enjoy horse shows as well
as those that offer horseback riding. One of the most interesting things about horse riding is the fact that
there are actually different styles of riding the horses. Many people find this surprising, especially those
who are not very family with it yet.

If you are planning to buy a horse or to take horseback riding lessons, this is actually one of the first
things that you need to decide on. You have to choose the kind of riding style that you want. If you talk to
trainers and professional horseback riders, you need to keep in mind that they refer to these styles as
disciplines. Some of the common disciplines include the Hunt Seat, Western, and Dressage, and each
one of them make use of different riding equipment or tack. On top of that, each different riding style
would also require a rider to assume different positions.

It is best to become more familiar with these disciplines, so that you will be able to properly choose which
one you want to learn and master. The first one which is the Hunt Seat is an English discipline that has
been derived from fox hunting, which is a British sport. This style of horseback riding is actually one of the
most popular styles in the world. People who are interested in jumping choose this discipline.

When you get involved with this type of discipline, you can participate in certain types of horse shows
where judges will rate you and the horse, depending on your performance in jumping over fences. They
will also judge when you let the horse walk, canter, and trot on the flat.

The Western discipline of horseback riding can be best described by watching cowboys in western
movies and television shows. Most people that follow this type of riding horses are those who herd cattle.
However, many riders have decided to go through lessons regarding this discipline for pleasure and show
riding. If you choose this one, some of the classes included would be reining, western pleasure, trail, and

If you are the type of person who wants to guide your horse through complex maneuvering, then the
English discipline called Dressage is the choice you want to make. When you learn this style of riding,
you can compete with other riders in a series of tests with increasing difficulty levels.

These are the types of horse riding disciplines that you can choose from when you start your horseback
riding lessons. It is best to see them done by professionals first, so that you will be able to picture yourself
doing the same things.


Horseback Riding Etiquette

Getting involved with a certain kind of sport means that you should also know certain things to do, in
order for you to fit in well with other individuals in it. This is called the rules of etiquette that all sports
have, which does not exclude horseback riding.

When you ride your own horse, there are certain types of locations that you would most likely prefer such
as an outdoor field or an arena; and, when the weather does not permit it, you would probably visit an
indoor arena in your location, so that you can still enjoy riding your own horse despite the harsh weather.
Whether you ride your horse in an outdoor or indoor arena, you will be meeting with other riders. Thus, in
order to have an enjoyable and safe experience, it is best that you follow tips about following proper

When people ride their horses, some of them would ride faster while others are slower. Whether you want
your horse to stride fast or slow, it is best to know which part of the path you should take him through.
With that, you won’t bother other riders either in your front or back side. In general, riders that ride their
horses slower should stay on the path closer to the arena walls, while faster riders should choose the part
that is closer to the center of the arena.

It is best that your horse is already properly trained and tamed before you take him to the arena. This
way, you are ensured that you will be in total control over him while you ride him inside a public place.
Keep in mind that there are other people in the arena, and just like you, they also want to have a good
time. Therefore, it is best that you have your horse trained first. You can actually achieve this yourself by
learning from professional handlers and trainers or you can also hire one to do it for you. When you do
bring your properly trained horse to the arena, make sure that you give the commands quietly. You need
to remember that many horse commands are quite common. Therefore, if you give your command loud
enough, other horses may also follow it, which you don’t want to happen.

There are different arenas available today in many locations, and each one of them has their own sets of
rules and regulations. These rules are often posted on their bulletin boards and they are made with the
purpose of keeping things in order inside the arena. Therefore, before you ride your horse, make sure to
familiarize yourself to these rules and do not forget to follow them.

These are some of the rules for horseback riding etiquette that you need to remember at all times.
There are still a lot of them that you should learn more about, which you can do by either researching or
asking other riders about it.

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